Antelope Valley School District





Our mission for Eastside High school Athletics is to develop multisport athletes who are leaders on campus and who value academics, athletics, and honesty. Students who go through the athletic programs will use these qualities to go out and model them to other students. They will exemplify these three core beliefs and set an example as leaders for the campus and community.


The vision of Eastside High School Athletics is to impact student-athletes lives through building skills and character needed to succeed in and out of the classroom. Through athletics we will build model citizens who represent the school and community in the best possible way by emphasizing academics, fair play, and teaching student-athletes the humility in both winning, as well as losing.



661-946-3800, Ext. 1067 -              

Athletics Director – Gil Gomez

661-946-3800, Ext. 1118/1104 – 

Athletics Secretary – TBD

661-946-3800, Ext. 1067 –         

Football Coach – John Quam

661-946-3800, Ext. 1146  

Boys Cross Country – Gil Gomez

661-946-3800, Ext. 1118/1104 – 

Girls Cross Country – Jill Cleveland

661-946-3800, Ext. 1119 –       

Boys Volleyball – Aaron Harrell

661-946-3800, Ext. 1128               

Girls Volleyball – Francis Bosque

Girls Soccer – Ashley Singh

 661-946-3800, Ext. 1232


Athletic Schedule: