Antelope Valley School District

From the Balcony- Drama Club

What we are about

Theater for students by students. We’re dedicated to providing quality theatre that is written, directed, and designed by students, for students. 


Meeting Times/CALENDAR

To be an actor for FROM THE BALCONY students need to audition. 

Once auditions happen, if a student makes it into the shows for that semester they are put in a 7th period class called advanced theater production. That class meets according to the rehearsal schedule.


To be a stagehand or tech for FROM THE BALCONY students can sign up for Stagecraft Technology. If a student is in 7th period stagecraft tech they also follow the rehearsal schedule and meet when their crew is called. 


Want to be an actor? 

The next auditions will be in August of 2023. 

Want to be a stagehand or tech?

Sign up for Stagecraft Technology 7th period! 



Instagram: @balconyehs