Antelope Valley School District

Antelope Valley Education Alliance (AVEA)


Mission Statement

Antelope Valley Education Alliance (AVEA) creates a paradigm shift in the mindset of students by providing additional educational resources, intervention programs, teamwork training, mentoring, and leadership development which empowers students and the community to thrive.


AVEA will provide a holistic transformation by fostering positive educational and community-based development.



Across the United States school districts are realizing that for students to be successful in high school and empower them to become productive citizens that contribute positively to society, schools must establish partnerships within and around their community.  The realization that education reform cannot happen solely within the school, drove Antelope Valley Unified School District and the City of Lancaster to establish AVEA in which parents, city leaders, local community collectives, and school faculty join to form a community school through partnership and collaboration.  There is tremendous excitement about strategies that weave together resources in a clearly defined “place” to collectively improve outcomes for students, families, and communities.  Antelope Valley High School understands that it is of paramount importance that we all work together to create a community that is developing college and career-ready students which begins with addressing student needs and instilling the importance of school attendance in both students and their families.

Sometimes we all need to know someone cares enough to hold our hand and say I will help. Our children are navigating a world far different than the one we grow up in. Life was much simpler. We drank from a water hose and played outdoors, our children drink from social media and play in their minds. Therefore, a change in mindset is pivotal to the success of our youth. AVEA’s goal is to be the vehicle for a paradigm shift. We are building a better, more inclusive, and safer community through unity.


       Help high school youth implement lifelong change through a paradigm shift

       Deliver a system of rewards & consequences

       Provide a supportive environment both responsive & respectful

       Provide opportunities for making choices, self-discovery, accountability & responsibility

       Set a goal of a 9 percent turnaround in attendance where needed



Antelope Valley Education Alliance (AVEA) through Partnership and collaboration was created in response to the need for truancy prevention.  Prevention efforts cannot be effectively directed by public schools alone, a dedicated community coalition of citizens, private businesses, and agencies must direct a collaborative effort that draws on the public, private, and volunteer resources to address the needs of the students.  The significance of the Antelope Valley Education Alliance is evidenced in the development of a core inclusive educational plan designed to meet the developmental as well as educational needs of a diverse population.  Over time and through collaborative partnerships Antelope Valley Education Alliance has developed a multi-pronged approach to education which includes Mentoring, after-school workshops, Teen Court, Teen Talk, and Justice Sunday.