Antelope Valley School District

Independent Study

Regional Independent Study is a program in which the students complete their school work at home and test weekly at their Regional Center on a scheduled appointment time/day. Most students also participate in at least one hour per week online with APEX in the Independent Study Computer Lab. Students can also use the independent study facility/teachers, as well as their home school campus' programs and facilities if needed for extra support and instruction.

The Independent Study Program is designed to allow students to work at an individual pace, thus allowing them to make up credits they are missing as well as accelerate their education. Each comprehensive site has a placement process that reviews all applications for Independent Study. Grades 9-12 may apply. Applications for Independent Study are available in the Guidance Office of your school site.

The AVUHSD now has three Regional Independent Study Centers: Highland High School, Knight High School, and Lancaster High School.

Students and parents/guardians have the option to choose which Regional Center they wish to attend on the condition that space exists at the center of their choice.

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