Antelope Valley School District

Work Experience


General Work Experience Education Course Description

The purpose is to provide students with opportunities for applying the basic skills of reading, writing, and computation through a combination of supervised employment in any occupation field and related classroom instruction. The major emphasis of this course is to provide students with supervised part-time paid employment to assist them in developing desirable work habits and attitudes in real jobs. The part-time job held by a student need not be related to his or her occupational goal. Through this on-the-job experience, the student will learn how to work for and with other people.

Exploratory Work Experience Education Course Description

The objective is to provide students with vocational guidance and ascertain their interests and aptitudes for specific careers through opportunities to observe and sample a variety of conditions of work. Exploratory Work Experience includes a combination of job observations and related classroom instruction in WEE. The student may be required to perform non-paid work activities while exploring the occupation on a limited, periodic, and sampling basis. The length of exploratory assignment may vary, depending on the aptitude of the student, the occupation being explored, the facilities of the work station, and the job classification. The school district provides workers' compensation insurance for the student. Secondary school students enrolled in Exploratory Work Experience may be under 16 years of age. Students receive no pay but earn school credit. The school district provides close supervision to assure that students are not exploited and do not replace paid employees.