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The Eastside High School Art Department fosters a creative learning environment filled with opportunities for students to advance technically and conceptually while gaining broadened understanding of historical, theoretical and cultural context relevant to art and art-making.

The Art Department at Eastside High School offers students a strong foundation to be an active artist. The faculty is focused on providing individualized instruction for every student that we teach. Students who emphasize art throughout their high school career, will develop the capacity to make tangible their aesthetic responses to experience. Our programs provide students with a diverse background, which, in concert with their professional training, should lead to a successful career in art and applied vocations. By increasing awareness of themselves, their environment and their culture, and by learning to think and act creatively, students prepare themselves for a life enriched through art.


Art 1

Art 2

Ceramics 1

Ceramics 2

Visual Imagery (Photography)

Multimedia Contemporary Design 1

Digital Media and Graphic Design

AP Art Studio: Drawing and 2-D Design

Stagecraft 1

Stagecraft Advanced

Stagecraft Technology